Does experience matters in any field?

It is being said that learn from other’s mistake. Does it make any sense?

No, it can’t be true. You need to go through the pain to gain that experience.

In todays 1.3 billion population in India, more than 50% below 35 which implies that it got to be young, agile, highly adaptable. So it’s easy for them to learn from others mistake and implement things without wasting time and energy.

But the big question is if I do not experience in the process of what I wanted to be then how would I stick to my base.

I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid, many gave suggestion that do not go for it you will be wasting a year trying for, no matter I knew that she had many valid reasons and later I figured out that she was true about them, she game me examples of other people’s mistake, but I gave a it a try.

Now, if I think that I should have listened to her than it would have been the most wise decision to take after all mothers are always wellwishers for their children but if I would have listened to it I would have regretted it my entire life.

We grow through experiences, we learn through experiences.

Life is not always about calculations, at the end its again about experiences which you would cherish and even if its bitter you would cherish because without bitterness cherish would lose its existence.

As and when you would grow both in age as well as knowledge you will find that each one of us has that urge to be big but very few continue to hold that urge.

Do not stop experiencing otherwise your urge would come to an end. Not necessary experience should be always big and have fame. Even getting ditched by your best friend is a big experience in your life.

Why does people always count experience as a job experience in any field in the first instance? Why does people does not include it as   an experience other than the span and salary?

Think bigger, think greener and think beyond the people’s perception


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