January 18, 2018

Digital Martechking and Digital Martecher

DATA? Is the most extortionate element in this digitized realm. Since we start a day till get into bed we create data in various ways such as writing text, GPS location, taking pictures etc.. This is where the term Data Exhaust comes. Every human is exhausting data almost each second. Let’s see some of the statistically compelled figures:

Since the dawn of time up until 2005, humans had created 130 Exabyte (1.3e+20 Byte) of data.

Till 2010 we had created 1200 Exabyte of data.

Up until 2015 we had created 7900 Exabyte of data.

Till 2020; As per IDC’s Digital Universe Study expecting the number would become 40,900 Exabyte of data.

Those number are enormously amazing, but the most amazing part is the data growth, the data increased exponentially.

Data Growth_martechking_suman_paul


Now, let me show you the data volume where we need Machine Learning to compute those data.


I suppose above pictures have explained it all what we needed to know. This is where I think the time has come to start DIGITAL MARTECHKING instead of DIGITAL MARKETING.

The term “DIGITAL MARKETING”  was first used in the launch of “Archie- the first search engine(1990)”. However, it took more than a decade to start using actual digital marketing and more than 20+ years to transform the traditional marketing to digital marketing; in fact, we are still transforming. The marketing over the internet/digital platform is what we know as digital marketing, this is no different than a traditional marketing. It works on the same marketing principles and strategies, however as the medium has changed we had to step up with some customization on the strategy part. For the record I think the most popular and effective digital marketing strategy is SOSTAC.

When we started doing Digital Marketing we felt this is the best way of doing marketing. It’s less cost effective, consumer specific, measurable  and all of the above has plenty of ways to do it of course thanks to the social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc and the search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.

In earlier days we fought for spaces, like in newspaper, magazine, posters, banners. Now, we have unlimited space but we struggle for attention of our potential customers. Lets have a look on some related statistics.

Social media statistics

For context,

  • As of Jan 2018, total worldwide population is 7.6 billion
  • The internet has 3.5 billion users
  • There are 3.03 billion active social media users
  • Internet users have an average of 7.6 social media accounts
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages/day

Content statistics

  • On WordPress alone, 91.8 million blog posts are published/month
  • A 2011 study by AOL/Nielsen showed that 27 million pieces of content were shared/day, and today 3.2 billion images are shared/day
  • The top 3 content marketing tactics are social media content (83%), blogs (80%), and email newsletters (77%)
  • 89% of B2B marketers use content marketing strategies

Social video statistics

Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users

Snapchat users also sees 8 billion average daily video views

US adults spend an average of 1 hour, 16 minutes each day watching video on digital devices

Also in the US, there were 175.4m people watching digital video content

78% of people watch online videos every week, 55% watch every day

After learning the above data, I am pretty sure you all have an idea how difficult it’s going to be to rank on google or improve your alexa ranking. By the end of 2020 one might need to post around 5 blogs/day, 30 tweets /day, 10 facebook posts/day etc. This is where the DIGITAL MARTECHKING concept comes in to take control over the internet. DIGITAL MARTECHKING is the upgraded concept of DIGITAL MARKETING, which involves high-end technical dependability, automation, machine learning & artificial Intelligence in place to compute the exponentially growing enormous data or create content to make a difference across the internet or one stop solution for all your digital needs regardless the technicality.

We have seen facebook’s newsfeed, twitter’s new focus on visuals and google’s RankBrain (RankBrain forms an important part of the over-arching Google Search algorithm, Hummingbird) to use machine learning to improve user experiences and automate.

Why to be a Digital Martecher over Digital Marketer.

Most of the digital marketers in this industry has very limited technical knowledge, mostly they are aware of steps to posting blog or article, analytics tools, SEO tools and some basic HTML/CSS knowledge, whereas Digital Martechers are like full stack developers. Let me tell you what is a full stack developer in a single sentence. The bunch of developers, who are capable of working on the front-end and Back-end both with same comfort level is called Full stack Developer. Digital Martechers are extremely sound in digital marketing and also possess extensive technical knowledge as well.