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Data Exhaust to encourage Big Data_data_exhaust2b_suman_paul

Data Exhaust to encourage Big Data

We are very familiar with the term “Exhaust”. As we know Exhaust means the ‘Byproduct’, released by during the transformation of its parent or primary product. For example, the exhaust gas releases by a car is the byproduct of the fuel used in to run it. Today we will know about “Data Exhaust”. Wondered with Read more about Data Exhaust to encourage Big Data[…]

Digital Martechking and Digital Martecher_get-started-on-your-digital-martechking-strategy

Digital Martechking and Digital Martecher

Digital Martechking and Digital Martecher: DATA? Is the most extortionate element in this digitized realm. Since we start a day till get into bed we create data in various ways such as writing text, GPS location, taking pictures etc.. This is where the term Data Exhaust comes. Every human is exhausting data almost each second. Read more about Digital Martechking and Digital Martecher[…]

How to add a "Slide to shut down" option on Windows 10

How to add “Slide to shut down” on Windows 10

  Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and the option come up telling “slide to power off”- This is probably the coolest feature of Apple iPhone series and windows 10 mobile devices in the recent past. If you wanna get the same shutdown experience on your laptop or desktop, you can quickly Read more about How to add “Slide to shut down” on Windows 10[…]

Why Freelancer over Agencies?choose freelancer vs agencies

Why and when to choose a freelancer over Agencies?

Before we roll, I wish you all a very very Happy New Year 2018. Freelancer vs agencies?- We have always been skeptical about this and to be honest it’s the most asked question last year. Hence, this post is inspired by those conversations I had with my potential partner/clients over the months. I’ll certainly try Read more about Why and when to choose a freelancer over Agencies?[…]